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Fleet Washing

When your fleet is clean it will enhance your company’s appearance and will be one of the greatest investments you can do for your fleet. There are so many benefits of having a regular maintenance service which will improve the safety of your equipment, extending the life span by removing all the pollutants that attach themselves to your hard-working fleet. It has been proven a clean fleet is easier to maintain by your service team and that will save your business money overall.

Property Services

Crosskey can help the curb appeal of your business. When first impressions mean the most our Commercial Property services will help you stand out.

    • Post construction cleaning
    • Parking lots and parking garages
    • Store fronts and Drive thru’s
    • Business signage
    • Brick, metal, concrete, and vinyl exteriors
    • Loading docks
    • Dumpster areas

Specialty Services

Crosskey specializes is specialty services as well.

    • Solar panels
    • Compactor and dumpster cleaning
    • Graffiti abatement
    • Tennis and basketball courts
    • Full detailing services to all commercial and industrial equipment

Customer Solutions

Crosskey works closely with Fleet managers, Property Managers, and owners to save them time and money. Specialized in helping fleets perform at their maximum levels and making properties and store fronts present their best curb appeal. Fleets will see a cost savings overtime with keeping pollutants off the fleet will save your business on premature part failures and our property service will save money on building repairs overtime.

Our Message

Crosskey’s mission is specializing in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to your business/fleets. Our Three step cleaning process is completely non-toxic and biodegradable that will not harm our planet because Crosskey cares about the planet as much as we care about all of our customers. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and that is why we dedicate an account manager to always guarantee your complete satisfaction, and this will also provide you a direct connection so Crosskey can handle all your needs.


At Crosskey, we understand what it takes to make your heavy equipment look great and maintained. With our maintenance programs we can keep your equipment clean and cost effective. Our services will save you money over time by unveiling potential problems like hydraulic leaks or dry-rotted hoses. We can work around your schedule so we do not interfere with operations and can even come to your job site after hours.